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Almost all types of academic papers can be ordered online from professional paper writers. A student if confronted with an assignment that they are unable to undertake will usually hire out the tasks to these professionals at a fee. Custom papers online have been blamed for promoting redundancy and lack of creativity among students.

Educationists today are worried that the students might be acquiring awards that they do not qualify for. They more often than not buy this with their money. The challenge therefore is how the schooling system asserts its purpose in transferring skills to students in right of these trends. Custom papers online continue to market their services and enumerate the benefits that will accrue to the student upon reliance on their services. As such the student will be persuaded to try these professionals who guarantee on best grades at a time when society places so much emphasis on the nature of awards one attains. Good grades are everything in today’s competitive world, at least as far as student is concerned.

We need to reexamine this negative perception on custom papers online. It is an innovation and as any other innovations it could be enhanced to ensure benefits. The education system must look at the custom papers differently and identify possible utilization. For instance, instead of asking students to write on particular topics; the tutors could require the students take sit-in exams or otherwise where they will be required to perform critical review of custom papers.  Critical review is supposed to ensure that one fully understands not only the process of writing but also the ability to objectively evaluate research papers. As such we will be assured that our students pay attention to what academic writing is all about and will assimilate these skills in readiness to exercising them in the job market.

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